Take it one day at a time…

Sunday, January 4th, 2009 at 12:11 pm

To stick with your resolution, take it one day at a time. Keep informing yourself with as much information - new health or environmental studies, for instance - as you can find that will keep you impassioned about your new choices. When I committed to eating a plant based diet, I was sure to read as many peer reviewed studies as I could get my hands on that reminded me how my chances of developing cancer, heart disease, and diabetes was greatly diminished by eating a vegetarian diet. At the same time, I made it my business to take seriously the reports from the IPCC on how animal agriculture harms the environment more than all the forms of transportation put together (inc. cars, trucks, planes, and ships). To really seal the deal, I watched a few video links of undercover footage at slaughterhouses. All of this information kept me firmly on my path. And if I started to feel tempted, I would start the whole process over again, day after day, until my new way of eating became natural.

Kathy Freston - Author of Quantum Wellness

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