New Year New You: Our Favourite Resolution

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 5:44 pm

The winner of the Ebury new year’s resolution competition has been selected and it was a pretty tough choice! There were quite a lot of “I want to quit smoking”s and “I need to lose weight”s, but there were some very funny ones in there too. For example, we loved this resolution from Louise: “Be early/Be on time/Try not to be late/Try not to be late every day…”  A few of us are struggling with this one as well, so we sympathise.

And we also thought Sue’s green suggestion was fantastic: “To do my bit for the planet. I will make all my friends on facebook a ‘green’ carrier bag from recycled or leftover fabric - that’s a lot of bags!” It wasn’t the winner, but this is still a great idea. Let us know if you go ahead with it (and we want a bag too!)

The most “on-brand” resolution came from Darren whose resolution is: “like the Jim Carrey film, I want to say “yes” more.” Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows much we are always singing Danny Wallace/Yes Man praises!

But in the end, we decided to go for Jo Jones’ resolution:

“If someone hasn’t got a smile - I’ll share one of mine!
To be positive and savour a daily thought of what I have to be thankful for. (If you think you’ll have a bad day it’s enevitable you will)
To enjoy being a moneysaving person to see me through the credit crunch as painfree as possible. (Might have to ask that Martin Lewis to marry me)”

It’s upbeat, it’s timely and (best of all), we have 4 perfect books for her, instead of just 3.

Happiness: A Thinking Person's GuideTo keep her positive spirit, we’ll be sending her Happiness: The Thinking Person’s Guide when it comes out in May. This is an incredible read which “will teach you how to rewire your brain to feel more joy”. Which can’t be a bad thing.

The Money MagpieBeing a money saver already, Jo probably already has all of Martin Lewis’ books, so to help her save even more money, we’ll be sending her Jasmine Birtles new money-saving and -making bible, The Money Magpie. Jasmine’s website Money Magpie has been growing quickly since it launched a few years ago, and her first book is full of brilliant practical advice on ways to save money.

Sadly, Martin Lewis is already taken, but we’re sending you two great dating books to meet the man of your dreams. Better Love Next Time, to help you overcome any issues from past relationships; and The Four Man Plan, a very different (and fun!) look at dating.

Better Love Next Time

Congratulations Jo, and we hope you enjoy the books!

Katie - Digital Marketing Exec

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  1. TheInsultsBlog Says:

    I gave up smoking. For a bit.

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