Atkins is back

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 at 5:32 pm

This month has seen the return of the massively popular Atkins diet. Since its US release in 1972 the Atkins diet has been a weight loss phenomenon and we published an updated version, New Atkins for a New You, earlier in March – with the book hitting the top of the bestseller lists on its debut week and riding high ever since. A streamlined version of the classic diet it is simpler, more versatile and more sustainable than ever before. For the first time the programme contains more vegetables, can be adapted to suit the needs of vegetarians and vegans, includes small quantities of caffeine and also makes the transition from one stage to the next smoother. So you no longer have to think about eating steak, butter and cheese all day, but can incorporate most of the foods you love.

Now we want to hear from you about what you think about the diet. Are you a veteran Atkins fan – and do you have a brilliant weight-loss story to share? Or does the new Atkins sound tempting to help get you in shape for the summer? If so, we have 10 copies of the new book to send out if you would be willing to try out the diet and let us know how it worked for you.

To win a copy, tell us why you want to try the New Atkins diet in the comments section below before May 3rd, and we’ll choose our 10 favourites to win a copy.

Caroline - Deputy Publicity Director

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4 Responses to “Atkins is back”

  1. Annette Says:

    I tried the old Atkins with some success but got really bored with it and gave up then put all weight back on. This looks more realistic to stick with and would like to give it a try

  2. Jane Willis Says:

    I saw Atkins work for many of my friends before but I love my veg and it didn’t allow enough for me. The increased veg means i would love to try it.

  3. Geri Gibson Says:

    Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where my waistline is?

  4. Julie Kenny Says:

    I’ve got to lose some weight
    My buttonholes are stretching
    And when I bend down in my shorts
    My rear end aint so fetching
    The Atkins diet would improves my vigour,
    and stops my waistline growing bigger!
    So please let me be a winner!

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